Monday, December 22, 2014

Great GW holiday video features George, Smith Center, Colonial Army, Knapp & Knapp's dog Ruffles

The holidays are here (and the good guys play at 2:30 pm today!) and GW made a nice holiday video with cutouts featuring, among other things, the Smith Center, the Game Day balloons, and a game complete with the Colonial Army and their flags for the international players. Check it out.

Find What Makes You Happy in 2015: The GW Holiday Video from The George Washington University on Vimeo.

They also did a making-of video:

The Making of the GW Holiday Video from The George Washington University on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

School up the Street fans do clever thing: Duck Hunt-inspired tifo (fan skit)

Now, far be it from me to praise Georgetown about something, but this is pretty awesome: they made a Duck Hunt-inspired tifo (fan choreography, basically) showing a light gun shooting down a Kansas Jayhawk, then the bulldog retrieving it, like in the game.

Pretty clever. Colonial Army, got any funny ideas?

A video posted by Pam (@reddusfoximus) on
Of course, Georgetown lost, so there's that. Some players wore "I can't breathe" shirts as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby steps towards GW vs Georgetown in men's hoops?

GW vs Georgetown, 1923
It's been more than 30 years since the Colonials played those guys up the hill, the Hoyas, but a hopeful article from CSN's Ben Standig hints that maybe our two teams might actually play at some point in the future. Perhaps.

Standig talks to both coaches, who aren't opposed -- Lonergan is excited about while John Thompson III said he was "not opposed." Patrick Nero hinted on Twitter that he'd like to play, but it's not clear if the Georgetown athletic director, Lee Reed, is opposed or just didn't comment.

The two teams have played each other 94 times, which until a few years ago was the most for each against any opponent -- since then, Georgetown has played conference rivals St. John's and Seton Hall more. It's still the most for both schools against any non-conference team, however, despite the last game being in 1981. The other guys lead the series 54-39, but old timers on will argue that Georgetown stopped the series after a few GW wins.

Standig also notes the 2.1 mile distance between schools and the long, long time since the game, and mentions ultimately unsuccessful chatter about Georgetown facing GW at the BB&T Classic, or making it a truly local tournament. It's great that the Hoyas are at the BB&T, facing Towson, especially considering it benefits Children's Charities, but a GW-Georgetown game there would be incredible -- both for the fans and for the charity. It's also too bad Maryland left after losing to GW -- it was a great rivalry, and again, it's for charity! (And I almost forgot the BB&T is this Saturday, more on that to come this week.)

Anyway, let's hope.

(Also, that great photo is GW-Georgetown football game in 1923, from Shorpy. The "Hilltoppers" as they were then known beat the "Hatchetites" 20-0.)
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