Thursday, March 8, 2007

GW faces St. Joe's

So we went to three of today's four games. Dayton beat Charlotte, which we didn't see, but the other three were all close. Fordham beat Richmond just barely at the end of the game, Saint Louis beat Duquesne, and the game that's most important to GW fans, St. Joe's beat Temple. That means GW faces St. Joe's tomorrow at around 9 pm.

The whole game, it looked like Temple was going to win. They were shooting well and St. Joe's only offense seemed to be entry passes to the post. Once those were stopped, St. Joe's couldn't score. Then in the second half, St. Joe's defense started to lock down and Temple started forcing wild, Sir Val-esque shots, and the Hawks held on to win.

GW is 1-1 this season against the Hawks, winning at home and losing on the road. If GW can handle the defense, which seemed to be their main weapon, and control their three point shooting, then it should be a good game. And don't put Pat Calathes on the line! Temple made that mistake.

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