Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Things to do in Atlantic City

I've been looking through the newspapers and websites for AC. Besides the casinos and their bars, I've found a few things. Boardwalk Hall, where the games are, is next to the Trump Plaza and a block from Caesars. A bunch of bars seem to be in stumbling distance.

On the 7th, AC has "First Wedndesday" where lots of bars and restaurants have specials. Sounds pretty cool.

On the 10th, there's a St. Patrick's Day parade on the Boardwalk, which sounds like it'll be worth hitting. It starts at 1 pm. And on the 10th and 11th there's a beer festival at the AC Convention Center. I found those on their visitors website.

If you want to get out and see some music, The Who and Lewis Black are both playing (not together) on the 9th, while Blue Man Group is on the 10th. Steel Pulse, an awesome reggae band, is also playing the 10th.

The AC Weekly has a big list of all the bars (and gentleman's clubs) in the city. If you get really bored and want to watch a movie, there's an IMAX at the Tropicana and a few other theaters around. I'm trying to find a list of the best of everything, so stay tuned.

I emailed a staffer from the AC Weekly, and she had this to say
My personal best bets would be Game On, the sports bar at the Pier at Caesars, which is only a few blocks down the boardwalk from Boardwalk Hall.
If you want cheap food and to mingle with the locals, the best two restaurants are Tony’s Baltimore Grill, Iowa Ave. & Atlantic; and Los Amigos, 1926 Atlantic Ave.

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