Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GW Bookstore phasing out "GW University"

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I was hanging out at the bookstore waiting to get interviewed about Wikipedia (nerd alert) when I noticed some official bookstore types discussing the merchandise. As I've noted before, I think that all the shirts and merchandise that say "GW University" as opposed to "GW" or "George Washington" look dumb, it's a generic looking and not very descriptive logo.

So I decided to tell the bookstore administrators my thoughts on the "GW University" text, and they all agreed with me. They said they had been discussing the exact same thing a couple of minutes before. One of the folks (whose names I didn't get, but all seemed to be from eFollett, the bookstore company) said they were indeed phasing out the "GW University" text, which made me happy.

And I also saw some neat stuff there, a lot of which doesn't seem to be on the website. Some things I noticed were the shirt pictured, some nice looking hoodies with fancy vintagey cloth GW logos sewn on, the famous GW Crocs, and a lot of buff and white GW jerseys on sale, which I also mentioned before. Pay the place a visit.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, thanks for speaking up about needed changes at the bookstore. They also seem to be using the more Buff-like "vegas gold" instead of bright yellow and other, non-GW, colors. Wish they would update the bookstore website.

Andrew said...

That's true, the buff is another good change. They seem to be making an effort to get cooler, trendier and more fashionable stuff.

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