Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rumor: Another Recruit?

Thinker at was at some event recently and ran into a current player. The current player said there is no more "disharmony," and apparently there is a fourth recruit coming in, a Jamaican-Canadian.

Assuming this isn't Tuck the Ruckus, that means somebody else is leaving. I hope nobody does, but if so, it could be anybody really - Jabari Edwards was hurt, Hermann Opoku didn't get a lot of time, and neither did Joseph Katuka. And again, that's assuming Miles Beatty is gone. Who knows.

Some GWhoopsters are speculating who the Canadian is - maybe Curtis Trotter or Alwayne Bigby (#20).

CSTV has Bigby as a 2009 recruit. Thus it wouldn't mean somebody else was leaving, (assuming of course that the recruit really is Bigby).

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