Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight: SLU

GW plays Saint Louis University, and it should be a close one. the Saint Lunatics have some good guards and ok perimeter shooting. They're 12-6 and 3-1 in conference wins their best wins over Richmond and a mediocre Nebraska team. They have three guys scoring in double figures, including newly-eligible Cody Ellis. Herve's preview has GW winning by 1, which could mean anything, and SLU folks are split. The Post has a preview too, which is pretty cool.

The main things I think GW needs to do to stop this losing streak (to Xavier, La Salle, Richmond and Dayton) is get some scoring and a functional offense -- they've reverted to the old pass-it-around-the-perimeter-and-hope-somebody-does-something offense, which never works. Hopefully Damian Hollis gets more time today

Plus SLU fans include this guy, who is hilarious. Max thinks it's not a real guy at all but a joke at the expense of SLU fans, while I just think he's an idiot.

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