Thursday, February 12, 2009

GW has no offensive plan, loses to La Salle

The Hatchet had it best: "Inept offense plagues men in loss." The team used an old staple, the "put 4 men outside the three point line and pass it around, then hope something happens" offense, and that resulted in a 68-57 La Sall victory at the Smith Center.

The team actually shot better than La Salle (43% to 37%) and were beat badly from the line, with GW going 9/13 while La Salle was 23/28. The refereeing was pretty bad, especially from the older, white-haired ref, and even Karl Hobbs complained about a lack of consistency:
And what happened with your technical?

"There was a play where the ball went inside to Rodney Green, and I thought Robert [Diggs] played pretty good defense. He had his hands up, and created the contact, and they gave them the foul. At the other end, there was a similar play in almost the exact same spot, and there was no call. I felt there had to be some consistency with the calls, but I'm not criticizing the officiating, I'm answering your question."
It almost seemed like the white-haired ref was calling fouls to spite the angry crowd, who got angrier and angrier at his poor calls as the game went on.

That being said, GW didn't lose this game because of the ref (not refs, as the other two seemed fine), but played bad defense at times, allowing a number of open drives to the lane and turning it over 16 times, including 10 La Salle steals. Hobbs also went back to pulling players angrily after one mistake or for no reason at all - I saw him numerous times point angrily for a bench player to get in after a player made a bad play, and sometimes for some reason I must have missed.

Rob Diggs was good, especially on D, while Damian Hollis scored 21 in only 20 minutes, thanks to (somewhat bogus) foul trouble. It was a game that was no fun to attend.

--Box score
--Herve's game notes

Pictured: Sieur De La Salle and his stupid mustache

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