Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can GW make the A-10 tourney?

Unfortunately UMass (5-7 A-10) beat SJU at the Palestra this weekend, making GW's road to the tourney that much more difficult.

GW, currently 2-10 in the A-10, must finish 12th or higher to make the A-10 tourney. GW has four more games, and Bona has 3 - in order to catch the Bonnies (4-9 A-10) for 12th place, GW must win at least two of their remaining games and Bona must lose all their remaining games, as the Colonials hold the tiebreaker. Or, GW can go 3-1 (or better) and Bona goes 1-2 (or worse). That seems unlikely though, since GW has only won 2 in conference all year and the next four opponents are Charlotte, at Richmond, at UMass, and Temple.

Another possibility is GW can catch Charlotte, but it's unlikely - Charlotte (4-8 A-10) holds the tiebreaker (because they beat Xavier), so they'd have to lose out, which means losing to Bonaventure and Fordham, and GW would have to win at least 3 of 4, including Charlotte.

If GW manages to win two games including next Wednesday's contest against Charlotte, they would lose the second tie-breaker since Charlotte (4-8 [A-10]) beat X last week. That said, the next homestand against Charlotte is still a must-win for GW's chances to pass St. Bonaventure in the standings.

There's other possibilities, like GW winning 4 and La Salle losing 4 or GW winning 3 (including UMass) and UMass losing 3, etc, but those are more remote.

Then again, Max predicted last year that GW would finish 5-11. In that case, we'd be in pretty good shape.

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