Tuesday, April 3, 2007

GWhoops.com hits 100,000 posts

GWhoops.com, the only GW messageboard that matters and what I think is the best sports message board out there, recently hit 100,000 posts. Herve, the owner/operator/etc of the board wrote up a cool post about the board, peruse it for your reading pleasure.

I like GWhoops.com for a number of reasons - the charmingly old school design, the level of discourse is pretty high and the posters don't put up with nonsense - people being jerks, snarky, etc. Everybody makes good arguments and Herve has a lot of cool little technical things - the ability to ignore posters and a thing that gives trolls a default message whenever they post: "I'm a troll. I'm a loser and no one likes me. My last sexual experience involved Lara Kroft and dual-video cards. When I look into my lover's eyes I see mom. The best thing about my life is that someday I will die. I suggest you ignore me."

Good stuff. Thanks Herve, and thanks to all the other posters for making it a cool place to get GW knowledge.

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