Thursday, April 26, 2007

Losing four of five starters?

This was an interesting find by BM of In the Hatchet article about the A-10's schedule, it says "Hobbs said he does not believe GW deserves to be ranked in the top tier considering it lost four of its five starters from the previous year. He said Rhode Island was not in the top tier, despite bringing all of its starters back." (emphasis mine)

Last year, the five players who started the vast majority of games were Carl Elliott, Regis Koundjia, Dokun Akingbade, Maureece Rice and Rob Diggs. The first three graduated, so who's the fourth? I hope that doesn't mean the rumors about Maureece Rice leaving are true. It could be a typo or exagerration, or possibly Hobbs means the year before when Pops, Omar, Mike and Danilo all left. However, he's talking about Rhode Island this year. I've emailed the Hatchet, we'll see what they say.

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