Friday, April 13, 2007

A fourth GW pro?

I've talked about Pops, Mike Hall, Danilo Pinnock, but is it possible that GW could have four people in the NBA? No.

Monty Singh Harika, better known as Cadillac at, has declared for the NBA draft. At GWHoops, Cadillac is a goofus who is either posting terribly spelled rumors about GW basketball (which are usually true, like Carl's NFL workout) or challenging other posters to fights. Needless to say, he's my new favorite poster.

Apparently anybody can register for the draft - I knew a guy on the trivia bowl team from GW who did that as a joke a few years ago, and actually got a phone call from an Irish league team (apparently that does exist). Needless to say they didn't offer him a contract once they learned he didn't actually play basketball.

But Monty/Caddy has signed up, and Dan Steinberg over at the Post's Sports Bog has a great post about it. Apparently he used to weigh 290 pounds. It just gets better and better. I wish all the luck in the world for Monty, this is hilarious.

Caddy plays rec league ball a lot, hangs out with GW players, and his Facebook profile has photos of him and Regis Koundjia wearing what I guess is some Sikh garb. Honestly, I love it. I hope he gets on TV with this or something, it's extremely clever, dumb, and funny all at once - the Sikh NBA Jackie Robinson. Well done sir. I'm not joking.


CADILLAC said...

Ima be in SI On Campus next month and still waiting for Jimmy Kimmel Live and ESPN to call back

Andrew said...

awesome! thanks, keep me posted

r said...

For the record, I am picking this pro am to get drafted before Mo Rice.

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