Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Going Old School

It's been pretty quiet around GW basketball lately, so I thought I'd post these old school pictures I found on various places around the internet. Two of Shawnta Rogers and one of Yegor Mescheriakov. Shawnta was 5'4" and led the nation in steals his senior year. He was also the team's leading scorer that season, scoring 20.7. He played from 95-96 to 98-99. He clinched GW's 99 NCAA tourney berth by hitting a game winning, last second three pointer against Xavier to take the A-10 west. An amazing game. He's starring in France now.

Yegor was Shawnta's teammate in the frontcourt, a do it all forward who scored 17.6 his senior year. He could shoot, defend, and play in general - sounds like Mike Hall doesn't it? For some reason he didn't make the NBA, but has been playing overseas, in the Italian league, the Belarus national team, and elsewhere. Enjoy.

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