Monday, April 30, 2007

Majerus to coach Saint Louis

I guess this is what SLU meant when they fired coach Brad Soderberg and said "it is imperative that the team be led by a coach who we believe can establish a program that consistently vies for conference championships and engages in postseason play." The school hired former Utah coach Rick Majerus to a six-year contract. Majerus had a lot of success at Utah, leading them to a Final Four in 1998 and 10 NCAA tourneys in 15 years. He also coached at Marquette, and agreed to coach USC in 2004 before backing out a few days later. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

This has to be good for the conference, because 1) it gets press for the A-10, 2) should help SLU be a better team, which helps all the schools, and 3) Majerus was a terrible ESPN commentator. Atrocious.

In one GW game I saw him work, he was woefully unprepared, calling GW "George W," "Washington," and "Georgetown." He also frequently praised GW's player "Allen," even though neither team had a player with a first or last name of Allen.

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