Thursday, April 12, 2007

Smith Center renovations

The Hatchet got a scoop the other day, that the athletic department will be starting on a two-phase, $7 million renovation of the Smith Center after next season. They'll be fixing up the locker room, offices, and the AD's Club area, where the AD's club members get their grub. "The second phase is less concrete. Kvancz said he hopes to replace upper-bleachers with stadium-style seats." Not sure what that means exactly. I hope it means more seats, I fear it means fewer.

Stay tuned for an announcement from GW about this.


Andrew Alberg said...

Kvancz told me they were aiming for about 7000 seats after all the renovations and said he had doubts about whether it would really make a difference as far as scheduling better home games in conerned.

Andrew said...

Andrew, that is fantastic news! This is the first I'd heard that, thanks. I would love to see 7000 seats at the Smitty. But why wouldn't it make a difference? If we can fill 7000 (big if) I think it'd be a better draw.

Andrew Alberg said...

He said that even Duke, which is a small arena by most D1 standards, holds 9000. He said that if teams really want to play GW, they would find a way and stop making excuses. It's either an arena like the Verizon Center or it's not, with not much in between.

We'll see how it all plays out.

Anonymous said...

7000 seats would be great - it would put the Smitty and the GW program in a whole new light.

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