Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Possible recruit: Cem Dinc

Cem Dinc (pronounced Gem or Jem Dench) is 6'10, 245 pound a German-Turkish guy who was at Indiana for a season, then transfered. I've liked almost everything I've heard about him - big, fast, a shooter, etc - the only negative is that he entered the draft despite playing minimally at IU. His IU profile says he was on the Turkish National Team along with Hedo Turkoglu and Mehmet Okur and that he runs a 10.8 second 100 meter dash, which I think is pretty fast. He's also pretty smart and majored in international business at IU. And he has a Wikipedia page, for some reason.

An anonymous poster at GWhoops.com says "trust me" it's between GW and UPenn, while Rivals.com says GW and BU.


Max said...

He's gotten some bad (harsh, really) pub on an IU blog.


In Cem's defense, it may be hard to gauge performance from 12 minutes of PT during one season as a hoosier. All in all, this seems like a lot of speculation and hear-say (but so is most web banter :D ). I'm still keen on the big-fella.

Max said...

Let's try that link thing again

Andrew said...

word, that was the one i liked to about entering the draft - pretty weird of him to do. but i definitely am still interested and would love to get him

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