Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More from the game: fans, Smith Center, food, funny stuff

So now, the non-game portion of our program.

Mac n cheez
The first thing was, of course, the updated Smith Center. The outside looked sleek and modern, and the ticket booths had nice wood above them, not quite as functional as they used to look. The corner areas are all white and modern now (and empty), and the concession stands moved downstairs. They still have the people walking around selling food, which is good, and the hot dogs were fine. One addition though: mac and cheese. I figured I had to get it, and it was not bad. Not amazing, but not bad either, I'd get it again. No chicken sandwiches though.

The downstairs concession stands also have seats where you could conceivably sit and eat, though nobody was doing that. There were also two trophy cases in the concession area, which included the game ball from the 1957 Sun Bowl, GW's only bowl game, where GW beat Texas Western, which is now UTEP.

Back upstairs, there's a new jumbotron, which was cool, and it seemed like the scoreboard operator could keep track better of who was in, which is good to see. There were times last year when nobody on the scoreboard was actually on the court. There was decent student turnout for an exhibition game, and the noise level was pretty good during Tim Johnson's run and Mikic making good plays.

Buy this stuff
 I also noticed some other random stuff: Big George was walking around with two guys who had shirts that said "Mascot Secret Service." There was some kind of scout sitting behind the basket too, he had drawings on the lane and was charting something on it. He was an older guy, maybe he'd volunteered to keep stats or track plays or something. I should have asked.

They had clothing and such for sale too, including new blue foam tricorner hats. A bit more tasteful than the bright yellow ones. They only had #20 jerseys that I saw, but maybe they'll get more in. They usually do.

Concession area downstairs. Trophy case at right.

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