Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weird Matt Albritton highlight video

Found this on Youtube awhile ago, pretty weird: it's Matt Allbritton's video announcing his transfer, I guess meant for other schools to watch. Not a bad idea, but the video's highlights aren't really highlights -- he catches the tip off, makes a couple shots, misses a 3, then does stuff like dribble. And they repeat the highlights later, interspersed with quotes from Hobbs and athletics officials. Kind of odd. But hey, he signed with Texas Pan-American, and best of luck to him.

I guess part of the reason I think it's weird is because there was always this strange Matt Allbritton hype team, they'd come onto any blog post I wrote about him or on GWHoops and just say ridiculous things -- I was going to eat my words after I asked who he was, because he's going to lead GW to the NCAAs, that he was recruited by all these Big East schools, etc etc. It was strange. But like I said, best of luck.

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