Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meet the Freshmen: Matt Allbritton

The next installment of the (somewhat delayed) Meet the Freshman is Matt Allbritton.

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Uniform number, and why: #33, because my Lord & Savior (Jesus Christ) was resurrected when He was 33 years old! I want to honor Him in everything I do!
Sneaker size: 13
Best part of your game: 3-point shooting
Still need to work on: defense and getting stronger
Game day superstition: don't really have one
What you like about DC so far: the excitement going on everywhere!
College team you'd love to play: U of Texas
First thing you'd buy after signing an NBA contract: Lamborghini
Favorite athlete and pro team: Dirk Nowitzki; Dallas Mavericks
Favorite class in high school: team sports
Planned major: sports management
Class you're looking forward to at GW: ?
Typical breakfast: ideally eggs..if not, good ole cereal and a banana
Favorite musical artists: Anberlin, Hillsong United, Red, Linkin Park, POD, David Crowder Band
Favorite movie: The Passion of the Christ, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dumb and Dumber
Favorite video game: Madden, Halo, NBA 2k series
Last thing you read: Isaiah 32:17
Your best sports moment: scoring 38 points in the finals of the Cistercian Tournament and beating the host team.
Biggest influence in your life: Jesus Christ and my awesome family


Anonymous said...

It's great to see a young man step up for his values and be successful on the court. A Dallas paper reported that Matty turned down several top D-1 offers, including the Big East to sign in his home state. However, our new recruits for GW look great and I predict a post season Tour.

Andrew said...

Yeah, they said that about him coming to GW too, and we see how that turned out.

Good luck to him in any case.

Anonymous said...

According to the George Washington Athletic Director and their head coach, they had big plans for Matt next season. Coach Hobbs seldom plays freshman shooting guards, but had high hopes for Matt next season. Matt's leaving was his decision and his alone. According to the news report, He could have stayed at GW, but he wanted to play closer to home. However, GW has brought in some great recruits, but we wish Matt the best of luck.

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