Monday, August 10, 2009

This Year's Freshmen: David Pellom

This is a new series from new blogger Chris on the incoming GW freshmen, talking about how they play and more. The first up is David Pellom.

David Pellom 6' 8” (6'7” low), 210 lbs. (190 lbs. low) Hails from North Carolina, a state with a couple of universities that have basketball teams, including one in the Atlantic 10. He graduated from high school last year, and choose to take a year in Charis Prep School. ESPN said the reason was to increase his chances for college “opportunities”.

ESPN describes him as having good ball handling, passing and outside shooting abilities, and say that he's a finesse player with a lot of “upside”. They say that he can become a significant player for the Colonials.

Karl Hobbs described Pellom as "another in the mold of the long, lean athletic forwards we've had. He's a runner and a terrific shot-blocker who will give us instant energy on defense. He's also an above-average scorer around the basket."

The bad is that ESPN says he needs to add weight and muscle, does not like physical contact, prefers playing on the perimeter (potentially a problem as on this team, you play where Coach Hobbs wants you to play. Period. And at 6'8” he could end up as a Center), and was suspended a couple games in high school for yelling at the coach, but for what it's worth, the coach apparently left after that season. Lastly it appears as if he was a part-time starter at Charis Prep, though Charis was the champion of the National Prep School basketball tournament.

Here's his Scout and Rivals pages.

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