Thursday, August 6, 2009

New GW logo!

I posted about all the GW Twitter pages the other day, and on the one for the GW Spirit program I noticed something: a logo of George Washington's face I'd never seen before. I emailed the Spirit Program, and GW Spirit director Nichole Macchione-Early said this is in fact the new logo for athletics, replacing the current one of George's face, like on the back of this cap.

I like it!

It looks like they also changed the color of the GW logo too, to make it more buff, and that one's being used on, like in this article. I emailed GW sports information director Brad Bower to learn more about the logos, so stay tuned.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

i am so drunk right now

Anonymous said...

Great new logos - with the truer Buff color, finally!!! Nice work on this scoop!

Anonymous said...

Here's the old one for comparison.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone gives the GW Bookstore the details on the new logos and true Buff & Blue colors!

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