Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Steve Blake likes Johnny Rockets, Byron Mouton wrestles alligators

This is offtopic but hilarious. I stumbled upon some of former Maryland PG Steve Blake's old school papers, one of which is about how much he loves Johnny Rockets, that burger joint. An excerpt:
The restaurant Johnny Rockets is a unique place. The colors of the restaurant are red, white, and yellow. On the outside there are some tables for customers to eat at. On the inside, there is a long bar were you can sit and eat by yourself and even watch the cooks make the food. At each booth there is a juke box for you to put a nickel in and select a song. There is also a straw holder that the waiter or waitress opens for you to get a straw as if you were a five-old kid.
And here's former Maryland G/F Byron Mouton's old homepage. Weird. He says:
Televisions give people news and information that is going on around the world. Before televisions, there were only radios. People could just listen and would not see a picture of the information. Television allows communication to be seen and heard. People will understand better what is being communicated through images and sounds.


DCPenguin/Random Hapa said...

Eh -- Johnny Rocket's is yummy and cool, but it's a chain... The Foggy Bottom Johnny's is going to be the same as the Union Station one. Which is going to be the same as the Nofolk, VA one.

'round here, I'd rather go Froggy Bottom. Or better yet, Lindy's.

Anonymous said...

"I think the chrome makes things look good."

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