Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Atlantic City Men's A10 Tourney

Yes we're 6 months and an entire regular season away, but as most people are hopefully aware, the Atlantic-10 Men's Basketball tournament will return to Atlantic City March 12-15, 2008 at Boardwalk Hall.

In addition to the satisfying similarities in name (ATLANTIC City - ATLANTIC 10), AC offers gambling, boozing, and merriment to accompany the basketball action. Last year the tournament shared the weekend with the annual beer festival, although this year it appears to be happening a week earlier. (sadface)

For the AC haters out there, Andrew has already offered the most geographically balanced alternative. Sorry if you're under 21, but having the tournament elsewhere doesn't change the fact that you are still underage.

Thanks to Rangwx from GWhoops for snapping this awesome photo of the banner at Boardwalk Hall commemorating last year's champions.


Anonymous said...

I went to AC for the Championship game last season and it was a blast. Should be fun again this season. Wish I could get one of those banners!

Truesportsfans General said...

Tony Taylor is a steal.

I coached him for 4 years and he gets better every day.

Nice job by Hobbs.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comment. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about Tony? It would be interesting to talk to somebody with first hand knowledge.

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