Monday, October 1, 2007

Colonial Invasion back with Fabolous

The Hatchet reports that Colonial Invasion, GW's version of Midnight Madness, will be back this year, and rapper Fabolous (sic, pictured) will be playing there. Fab is best known for the songs "Holla Back" (youngin, oo oooo), "Can't Deny It" and a bunch of other singles. He also has a song called "Shawty is A 10" - get it, A-10? So it's a perfect fit, I guess.

And the best part of the Hatchet article: "...Fabolous requested the University provide him with Hennessey and Hypnotiq - both popular hard liquors - but the University cannot comply."

The event is October 26, but will be at 7 pm, not midnight, which I guess means there won't be any practicing by the team. The men's and women's teams will be introduced, however, and there will be contests and such.

No word if Christopher will be there - Christopher being the guy who attaches four dummies to himself, all dressed up like the Village People, and then dances to YMCA. It's amazing.

Bad photoshop by me. Click it for a bigger version

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Anonymous said...

No hippo I hope! Colonials forever, hippos never.

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