Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harvard 66-GW 53

Well, you can't win em all. GW played pretty crummy the whole game, which was more like Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season than Good Will Hunting, minus the end part. Harvard has read books we haven't even heard of yet:

GW only scored 18 points on 25% shooting in the second half to let a 3 point deficit balloon to 13. The team shot 36% for the game and a miserable 13% (2/15) from behind the arc. At least they shot 75% from the foul line. GW was also out rebounded by the Ivy-ers, 38 to 27, and nobody on GW had more than 4, to go with 8 assists versus 18 turnovers. Yucky.

Damian Hollis had 11 on 5/14 shooting, Tony Taylor had 10, Lasan Kromah was only 1/7 from the floor. I believe "lack of effort" about sums it up.

Harvard's Jeremy Lin, however, looked like Magic Johnson out there, leading the Crimson in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals (with an absurd 7). Or he looked like whoever the best Ivy League basketball player was. Bill Bradley? Michael Jordan? (No, the other Michael Jordan).

Here's the GWSports box score and recap, plus the Hatchet's. I would post the Washington Times' recap, but they don't have a sports section anymore!

At least Howard is at the Smith Center Sunday. Hopefully GW can recover for that game. Hobbs said on Twitter "Tough one last night. At the airport in Boston. Have to keep the players spirits up. More challenges are ahead."


Anonymous said...

I was at the game - GW played well for most of the first half. Just too many turnovers... and too much Lin in the second half. Great crowd of GW fans, sounded louder than the Harvard fans!

Andrew said...

Nice! Glad to hear it.

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