Monday, April 25, 2011

Karl Hobbs is out: many questions

To misquote the Simpsons, you have many questions, Mr. Nero. Karl Hobbs's tenure at GW is over.

What's the deal? Why now? Why was Hobbs forced out? Was he forced out? It seems so, considering he tweeted a few hours before the announcement about next year's schedule. Did something happen? Did some big scandal just get unearthed?

Where will Hobbs go now? Did he get a job somewhere else? What about his recruits, like Erik Copes (whose uncle is assistant coach Roland Houston) and recent signee Trey Davis?

Who will GW get to replace him? Mike Lonergan from Vermont? Former assistant Steve Pikiell? Some people are asking about Bruce Pearl, is that a good idea? Roland Houston?

So many questions. Tune in soon for (hopefully) some answers.

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