Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prediction: Mo Rice to Romania

This is not backed up by any rumor, innuendo, or anything. Brendan and I were talking about GW players' pro prospects - Pops to Spain, Mike Hall to Italy, and so on. The topic went to Maureece, and Brendan asked where he might make it. We both answered simultaneously "maybe like Romania."

So there's your completely non-guaranteed Colonial Hoops prediction - Mo Rice will play in Romania. Obviously I hope he makes it somewhere. And eastern Europe wouldn't be unprecedented - GW's all-time leading scorer Chris Monroe starred in Hungary (and his team won the national title) and JR Pinnock played well in Greece.


thinker said...

Just to let you know, Chris Monroe played in Hangary several years and was the league MVP at least once. Also Greece has at least as big and prominent league as Spain. Greece was the last team to beat Team USA at the World Championships a few years ago. And don't forget about Shawnta and TJ Thompson playing (I think) in France. Yegor, Koul, Oscar Wilmington, Val Brown etc. also played overseas.

Andrew said...

Yup, I mentioned Chris in the post.

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