Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Mascot!

No, this isn't an inflatable Martha Washington or something - it's a replacement for Little George, the kind of funny looking miniature father of the nation.

This George is "more aggressive" and does look better - it's the foam kind of mascot I've mentioned before, even though he kind of looks like he has a harelip. And sort of like a Quaker from outer space. But hey, I like it - he does look a bit tougher.

The Hatchet has more, with University folks saying it was done in part because of the bad press the mascot got - twice named one of the worst mascots in the country.

Hopefully this year he'll stop the St. Joe's Hawk from running around half court at the Smith Center.

Hatchet photo by Ryder Haske

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Anonymous said...

Can we retire the hippo with Trachtenberg now?!

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