Saturday, November 8, 2008

GW 101-West Georgia 71

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It's just an exhibition game, but it looked good for the home team. Stats aren't up yet, but the Colonials executed well on offense and defense, with at least 5 players in double figures.

Tony Taylor started and looked good as point guard - he's very fast and made some nice moves and nice passes, with a few freshman mistakes. Xavier Alexander was big-time on both ends, scoring well and getting a lot of rebounds. Rob Diggs was Rob Diggs, scoring down low and playing good D. And Damian Hollis was solid too, making a lot of long jumpers.

The other freshman had their moments too, with Aaron Ware looking very quick, and Matt Albritton hitting his first three with a really nice shot (but missing two others). And rarely-used Joseph Katuka looks like he's developed some nice post moves, scoring 6 quick points when he was first in, though he got beat a few times on defense.

Defense was solid too, with lots of quick hands getting steals. There were some lapses in the lane and on the perimeter, but for the most part I really can't say much bad about this game - there were good plays, solid D, and not many mistakes. The tempo was up, as the score indicates, and the team scored well from inside and outside, and was decent from three. Free pizzas were to be had for making 7 threes.

Once stats get up I'll write a bit more. But if the team plays well and plays together like this, they might surprise some people.

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