Monday, December 8, 2008

GW spanked by Terps, 76-53

Well, that was crummy. In what seemed like a really quick game, GW couldn't shoot and all the balls rolled Maryland's way, and the Terps took this one running away with it. GW was up briefly in the beginning of the first half, and that was it - poor shooting and crummy defense by GW, and Maryland making good plays left the result hardly up the air about 10 minutes in.

The team looked a bit slugging, and shot only 30.8% from the floor, versus 42.9 for Garyland. Rebounding was pretty even, with 45 for UM and 42 for GW, and surprisingly Hermann Opoku led GW with 7 boards. Opoku tried hard out there, but got burned a few times on D and made a few ill-advised offensive moves. Still, he's improving. Damian Hollis, however, only played 16 minutes and was kind of invisible, as was Wynton Witherspoon, as he's been all year. Tony Taylor and Rob Diggs led the team with 10 points each, though I really want to see Diggs get at least 10 shots a game - he's the most consistent scorer but isn't getting enough looks.

In general, the team seemed more comfortable driving than shooting, and multiple times Colonials passed up open outside shots. The team was 4/15 from three while Maryland was 9/19.

As for other things I noticed, Johnny Lee was in an got a lot of playing time. He's fast, but why? Hobbs had him guarding Greivis Vasquez, who is almost a foot taller. Lee turned it over 4 times, most on the team.

The rest of the line-ups were made fun of too in the Times. Here's the box score and here's the more hand-wringing here from the GWHoops crowd.

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