Monday, December 22, 2008

Pith on GW from the DC Sports Bog

Hope everybody has done your shoppin (see last post). There's some pretty funny stuff on the DC Sports Bog's last Atlantic 11 poll on GW. Enjoy:
9. George Washington

Chris Farley interviewing Karl Hobbs: "Remember when you guys were undefeated and ranked 6th in the country?? That was awesome!" (Christopher Ring)

The Colonials knocked off Harvard last week, which shows that George Washington is still sticking it to Harvard-alum John Adams from beyond the grave. (Chris Chase)

Tommy Amaker's homecoming is just how he always dreamed it would be, losing to GW in front of 2,205 fans as the head coach of Harvard. (Bill Fitzgerald)

Former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will be proud to know that Colonials lent credence to his "Harvard on the Potomac" claim by actually beating the real Harvard. (Ted Gotsch)

Can now say that they beat Harvard in tuition cost AND basketball. (Max Wasserman)

Beat Harvard by 15. That's one point for every billion dollars Harvard's endowment has lost this year. (Chris Olson)

I wonder if Obama was reviewing the law that the Colonials laid down on Harvard? (Michael Palan)

Beating Harvard by 15 totally proves that we could have gotten in there if we wanted, but chose to come to D.C. for the connections and the internship possibilities and to go to the most expensive school in the country. As for AU, um...Blue/Orange Line's better! [/Colonial'd] (Paul Campbell)

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