Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coxman is back!

One of GWHoops's most beloved posters, Coxman, is back. You might call him the James Joyce of GWHoops - alleged to be the alias of Longing for Oscar, he posts long, complicated, verbose, over-the-top praise of GW players and staff without punctuation. It's awesome and hilarious - you can't tell whether it's sarcastic or not, but it's great either way.

A random selection from the post:
that house of glory on 22nd street in NW Washington DC and bearing witness to one of the most fabulous events to grace our nation’s capital and that is when our leader and great warrior Mr. Robert Diggs puts on his game face and leads our team into battle on Tex Silverman’s hardwood and it is so very beautiful to see Robert leap to the rafters where our many banners hang and secure a perfectly lobbed pass from super guard Travis King and come barreling back toward earth with a deafening thunder as he slams the round ball through the hoop and puts the Colonials ahead and all our opponents can do is stand there, mouths agape...
The full post, if you were wondering, is 1,032 words. In one sentence.

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