Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SirValiant Brown playing in Canada

SirValiant Brown, a high-scoring guard who played for GW from 1999 to 2001, is playing in Canada now, with the Premier Basketball League's Halifax Rainmen. The same league also hosts the Vermont Frost Heaves, where Dokun Akingbade plays now. Hat tip to Herve from GWHoops for finding the article.

If you don't know Sir Val, he was a character. Playing for Tom Penders' offense-focused teams, he nearly led the nation in scoring as a freshman with 24.9 ppg, and had a green light to shoot whenever - that means he had some spectacular misses, as well as some spectacular makes. He didn't play as well his sophomore year, and after that he left for the NBA draft, which some speculated was due to bad grades. He wasn't picked and has hopped around since then.

As for his name, his parents really liked King Arthur and stuff. His brother is named SirLancelot. Some guy even made a Youtube video of his highlights:


chris902 said...

Halifax will be at least the 19th team SirValiant has played on since leaving GW.

Last year in the CBA (a league that along with the PBL is second tier minor league in North America behind the DLeague) he averaged less than five points per game before being released after 12 games. I don't think that most Halifax fans have high expectations for SirVal, and I don't think he's going still be on the roster by the end of the season, but if people actually want to follow him check out my blog.

Akingbade isn't with the 'Heaves any more - he's playing in Japan this season. He won an ABA championship with Vermont last year.

Chris902 said...

Regis Koundjia just signed with the Frost Heaves. GW hoops - providing the minor leagues with mid-major level talent.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the info!

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