Friday, August 22, 2008

We're number 53!

Oh yeah! The new US News rankings are out. We're the 1st-ranked A-10 school among national universities (although Richmond is #33 in national liberal arts colleges). Take that, Fordham! (#61). SLU is at #80, UMass #102, Dayton #108, Duquesne #130. Other schools are ranked in regional categories, like St. Joe's (#8, Masters universities-North), La Salle (#17, same), St. Bona (#40, same), Xavier (#2, Masters-Midwest).

As for worst schools, Temple, UNC-Charlotte and URI are all tier 3 among national universities!


Anonymous said...

richmond isnt ranked in national universities.

Andrew said...

You're right, it's national liberal arts colleges.

Justin Ritchie said...

UNC Charlotte was actually tier four last year so we are definitely moving up, however we are ranked 9th under, "Best Colleges: Up and Coming National Universities"

I think the 49ers are doing alright considering we've existed little over 40 years as an actual university.

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