Thursday, September 18, 2008

All our prayers have been answered

Because GW is phasing out the Hippo mascot. Thank god.

The Hatchet has the story - it won't be on any merchandise, won't be at games, etc etc. They also have former university President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg saying the Colonial is "a lame mascot." Get bent, SJT.

I always thought the Hippo was a stupid mascot. It had nothing to do with the school, SJT invented a fake legend for it, and it was ridiculous. There was always the story (unverified) that Trachtenberg bought the hippo sculpture at 22nd and H at an auction when he was drunk, and Mrs. Trachtenberg wouldn't let him keep it, so he donated it to the university. No idea if that's true, but it's funny. And some guy I used to be on the trivia team with claimed he had personally seen or taken part in putting a number of various bodily fluids in the hippo's mouth. For the sake of probity, I won't mention the ones he hadn't.

In other actual news, they're also changing the color used on some things from "athletic yellow" to "sparkly Vegas gold." Here's what Vegas gold looks like. Vegas gold is already on men's and women's basketball uniforms.

Little George was already updated a few months ago to be less terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Great news!!

Anonymous said...

The editorial in the GW Hatchet laments the loss of the hippo at GW and at the National Zoo. So let's give the Trachtenberg hippo statue on campus to the National Zoo, in memory of the real hippo that is leaving the zoo. Problem solved!

Andrew said...

Haha, good point anon #2

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