Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally. FAU hires Mike Jarvis

I feel like we'd been hearing about it for months, but finally Florida Atlantic University pulled the trigger and hired former GW coach Mike Jarvis. Jarvis had a lot of success at GW, getting the team to the Sweet 16, and also at St. John's (at first). He brought the Johnnies to the Elite 8, but then had some bad records and scandals. Hopefully things go well at FAU for him.

Here's Jarvis back in the day at GW.

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Max said...

Jarvis is the man.

I chatted with him a bit in Greensboro back during the 2006 NCAA tournament run. Just a class act. I miss the 'Jar-Vis, Jar-Vis' chants at Smitty.

Given the nods to Pikiel's Stony Brook and Broadus' Binghamton, could an FAU home-and-home now be in the works? On the other hand, we still haven't played Tom Pender's Houston Cougars to my knowledge.

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