Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why GW is still better than Maryland:

For one, the only famous UMd alum I could think off the top of my head was Jayson Blair, the New York Times writer who fabricated and plagiarized stories. I since found a few more on Wikipedia.

But here's the real reason:


Tricia said...

Jim Henson, Boomer Esaison, Connie Chung, sportscaster Tim Brandt, Sergey Brin (undergraduate, c/o '93), Larry David, Congressman Steny Hoyer, Mark McEwan (of Early Show fame), Pam Ward (from ESPN), Gary Williams, among others...

But who's counting...?

Bear in mind that each school has their Black Sheep -- I think G-Dub's is L. Ron Hubbard.

dual citizen of Foggy Bottom and College Park

Andrew said...

Those people all suck

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