Thursday, May 8, 2008

Updated Scholarship Situation

After the dismissal of Cheyenne Moore and Miles Beatty, here's the updated scholarship situation. It includes schollies for all four of GW's new recruits - Dwayne Smith, Aaron Ware and Matt Allbritton, and Tony Taylor.

That means GW has a full compliment of scholarships - 13.

G Maureece Rice

G/F Cheyenne Moore (rising senior)
PG Miles Beatty (rising sophomore)


F Rob Diggs
SG Noel Wilmore
F Wynton Witherspoon (senior according to GWSports)

PG Travis King (could be redshirt sophomore)
F Damian Hollis
F Hermann Opoku


G/F Xavier Alexander
C Jabari Edwards (could be redshirt freshman)
F/C Joseph Katuka


PG Tony Taylor
SG Matt Allbritton
SF Aaron Ware
G/F Dwayne Smith

I haven't heard anything about Johnny Lee getting a scholarship, but it appears they're all taken anyway.

Wesley Witherspoon already took GW off his list, and I haven't heard anything about Nigel Munson.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I'd gladly link to your blog if you link to mine. Keep up the good work.

Andrew said...

You got it!

thinker said...

Lil Spoon decided on Memphis a while ago. Munson apparently decide he didn't want to play basketball any more for family reasons.

It was unlikely that Johnny Lee would have gotten a scholarship unless the team simply could not find any other player to give it to. The fact that we have a pretty acclaimed pg coming in - Tony Taylor and hopefully a pretty good point guard coming back - Travis King means that Johnny Lee's playing time isn't going to be very significant any way.

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