Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I like Rick Majerus

While I wrote about his terrible ESPN commentating before, I just can't help but like the guy. He's funny, engaging, and is a very good coach. There's been a lot of press about him coming to the A-10 and SLU, and I hope that means good things for both - namely a better in-conference foe, a higher RPI, and more nationwide exposure.

In an interview with Luke Winn from Sports Illustrated, he says he thinks SLU can become Saint Louis' home team. That would be fantastic and I think pretty likely - they have a new arena coming and there really aren't any other local college or pro basketball teams. Sorry Wash U and Um-sul. (And on a side note, Wash U was founded by a Columbian College grad, who also happened to be TS Eliot's grandpa). Majerus also talked about a movie he helped make and his success in the past, including a Final Four and a number of NBA draftees.

And I should note that Luke Winn only interviews totally cool and interesting people! See? Although the hope for GW to become DC's home team looks a lot more difficult with Georgetown's success. But I'm happy with where we are.

Photo by Robert Cohen, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Rob in B'klyn said...

Although I worry about his health problems (remember how he had to leave USC before even starting his first season there?) he should help SLU and the A-10 conference.

By the way, he's a great teacher of the game as well!!

When Hobbs leaves it would be great to get someone of Majerus' stature, wouldn't it? There's nothing wrong with dreaming!!

Rob in B'klyn

Anonymous said...

Who else has Majerus' stature? Fat Albert?

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