Dept. of Karma: Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg fired

What goes around comes around.

You may recall Seth Greenberg, the coach of Virginia Tech. Greenberg was the coach when Wynton Witherspoon transferred from VT to GW to get more playing time and be closer to home. When Nigel Munson wanted to do the same, Greenberg wouldn't allow it. He allowed Nigel to talk to every school but GW.

That spawned a lot of completely warranted hate on and a blog post here, "Seth Greenberg = Jerk." A kid wants to go to another school closer to home for more playing time, and you won't let him? Another school that's not even in the same conference?

But now we learn that Greenberg got fired after going 170-123 in 9 seasons, with only 1 NCAA tourney.

Of course, as GWHoops poster Abe put it, "Lucky for him he can take whatever job he wants instead of his former employer being a vindictive jerk and interfering with his future."