Whoa! Butler wants to replace Temple

In case you were under a rock or super hung over for pre-St. Pat's Day lately, you probably read that Temple jumped ship and joined the Big East. That's not good. Temple was always one of the stronger teams in the conference, but were looking to get some of that sweet football money.

So for a few days, there have been messages swirling on GWHoops about who we'd like to see come in and replace them -- places like George Mason, VCU, ODU, Boston U., and the like (there was even a Hofstra rumor awhile ago.) Butler was in the discussion, but they seemed like too good of a pick for it to actually happen to us unlucky fans.

But maybe that's not that case! ESPN and Andy Katz report that according to multiple sources, Butler wants to join the A-10. That would be awesome. They're a good program (at least, recently) and would add another Midwest team. And it'd be good for them too, moving to a bigger conference than the Horizon League.

Let's hope this happens. Of course, I've speculated in the past about who I'd like to see in the A-10 (and who I'd like to dump -- I'm looking in your direction, Fordham.)

What do you think? Good pick? Or would you prefer somebody else?


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