Saturday, October 1, 2011

Temple to join Big East?

Yuh oh. Apparently Big East presidents are voting on Sunday on whether to bring in Temple as a full member for all sports, according to Mike DeCourcy. This would obviously cause a hole in the A-10's hoops as Temple has long been one of the best programs for some time. We are in a land of confusion.

I wonder who else our little geographically-dysfunctional league might try to bring in? GMU and VCU would be my top choices, then places like Western Kentucky and UNC-Wilmginton. Of course somewhere like Butler would be amazing, but I don't think that would happen.

And does this mean that the Big East won't try to take schools without football, like Xavier and Dayton? If so, at least there's a ray of hope here. Of course, that means we wouldn't get to join the Big East in one of those domino scenarios.

This might also mean that the Big East is going to try to keep football as the big deal, which means schools without it like Villanova, Providence, and that school off Wisconsin Ave might be out in the cold. Which could be good or bad for us.

H/T to GWHoopsters for the heads-up.

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Dave said...

Referencing both Land of Confusion and Dominos in your post? Someone listened to too much Invisible Touch...

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