Traffic record for Colonial Hoops!


I was checking my Statcounter today and we crushed the previous Colonial Hoops traffic record, which was about about 700 unique visitors or 800 page loads -- currently there's about 1,300 unique visitors and 1,500 page loads! I expect the number to go up, since we're still pretty early in the day.

The reason for the surge is my scoop (yeah, I'm calling it that) about the new logo got linked from UniWatch, a cool blog about sports uniforms and logos.


Diomedes said…
go colonial hoops go! clap clap clap
chris said…
And you're quite sure it wasn't because of the addition of ME??

I may ask for a raise.

Andrew W said…
Haha. I'll quadruple your salary, and my salary too! 0 x 4!