Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So, is GW going to make the tournament? The current bracketology

UGA vs GWU 1/3/14

The end of the season is nigh, and the Colonials have been doing a good job of helping their tournament chances by winning the should-win games lately. Of course, another win over VCU or beating St. Louis or UMass would have been huge, but still, this team is 21-7 with no bad losses and good wins over Creighton, Maryland, Miami, VCU and Georgia.

So, is GW in? The odds look good, with most prognosticators thinking an 8 or 9 seed is in the offing.

USA Today has the good guys as a 9 seed against Arizona State in St. Louis, meaning the next game would be against the 1 seed, in this case undefeated Wichita State --  yikes. NBC has the same, a 9 in St. Louis, but against Iowa, while the 1 seed is Kansas.

Over at ESPN, Joe Lunardi says a 9 seed in Orlando, again versus Arizona State. The 1-seed there is Florida. Lunardi also said the team dropped since his last bracket, which is important to note -- this is just the current seedings, so the good guys still need to make sure they finish out the season against Fordham, the current conference cellar-dwellers.

CBS Sports varies from the script a little, putting the Colonials at an 8-seed against Stanford in Buffalo, with the 1-seed being Syracuse. Sounds chilly and tough.

Fingers crossed, of course, as I'm a GW fan and used to seeing the worst, but maybe there are some glimmers of optimism here. It's also nice to even be talking about this, and to seeing GW's name in all sorts of different places.

Something else cool is that most brackets have 5 or 6 Atlantic 10 teams in the dance, which is always good.

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