Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Help GW win $100,000! Vote, tweet, Facebook and more for the 6th Fan contest

If you haven't already seen on Twitter and Facebook, the NCAA has a contest underway called the 6th Fan, where fans vote for their school on the NCAA website, by Twitter or Facebook, and the top school with $100,000. That's no small amount of money, and so far GW faithful have done well for the Buff and Blue, getting the good guys to #1.

However, in the past few days the Colonials have tumbled the 4th place, so that means us fans need to get to work! You can vote one time per day, per method, which actually means three votes per person, per day.

And thankfully it's easy to vote. You can go to the website and click "vote now" for GW, then enter your email. You can also vote from there via Twitter and Facebook, but there's actually an easier way to vote via Twitter and Facebook: just tweet and post anything you'd like and include the hashtags #6thfan #gwash.

It's easy! So get to it, and help GW get back to #1 and win those big bucks.

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Anonymous said...

Clarification: You can vote infinitely! If you don't vote using your email, you can vote as many times as you like every day. Similarly with tweets, there is no limit. Each tweet with the hashtags #GWASH & #6thFan will count as one vote for GWU. We need a big push towards the end as some of the bigger, midwestern schools will make runs at the top 16. That is our primary goal for round one, as the top 16 advance and also get 10k each!

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