Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New court unveiled at the Smith Center, and it's awesome

A few months ago I wrote about how awesome the design for the court at the Smith Center was -- there's a subtle image of the Washington Monument, White House and Capitol, and a bunch of media and sports types agreed.

Now, GW has unveiled it in this cool stop-motion video with players from the men's and women's basketball and volleyball teams interacting with it.

It's still called the Tex Silverman Court, if anybody was worried, and now Tex has a fancy signature on it. Tex, as you may recall, was a former GW basketball star, member of the GW Athletics Hall of Fame, and donor to the university. He was drafted by the Rochester Royals of the NBA in 1953, but then was drafted by the US Army. Here's more on him from GW.

Pretty awesome, and well done GW.

 Here's the Twitter chatter from when it was first announced in May!

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