Friday, February 10, 2012

Why doesn't GW get more Washington Post coverage? The Post responds

The other day, I was reading Twitter incessantly about GW (I am one of those nerds who tweets constantly during games -- see @colonialhoops) and noticed something: the Washington Post had an official Twitter for George Mason hoops: @GMUWashPost.

Good for Mason, but that got me thinking: why not an official Post Twitter for GW? GWUWashPost? We've been more of a player for longer, as they only became a big name after some good seasons and the Final Four with Coach Jim Larranaga.

So not expecting a response, I asked the @GMUWashPost Twitter why, and here's the conversation. GW fan Sean Rose got into the act too. So in short, a full arena and better record. That's a bit like the chicken and the egg, but at least we know. And we can do it -- in the past, there were often sellouts at the Smith Center.

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