Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The new schedule is out, and it is good

Remember the days of GW versus August State, Coppin State, Sacramento State and other states you haven't heard of? They may be forgotten.

GW announced its 2011 hoops schedule, and it's pretty solid: Cal-Berkeley, Kansas State and Syracuse on the road, VCU at the BB&T, plus UAB at home. There's a total of 16 postseason teams including 7 NCAA tourney teams. 

There's a great interview with Coach Lonergan by GW's David Earl on the GWSports website where they talk about the schedule. 

Lots of good stats on the schedule too: the Washington Times points out that the average RPI for the non-conference schedule is 134, versus 186 last season, and that only 4 teams from this schedule finished above 200 in the RPI, whereas last year there were 14, and GWHoopsters find that there are 12 OOC teams in this year's top 100. A vast improvement.

Of course, part of the debate about Hobbs's crummy schedules was why he did it: some folks thought it was because he wanted to rack up wins and build confidence going into the conference schedule, but that meant nobody wanted to come see GW play crappy teams and it backfired when GW got beat by those crappy teams. I don't really see a negative to this schedule, unless we go 0-14 out of conference or something, which I don't see happening.

Here's the schedule itself. The season opener is November 11th at home against Maryland-Eastern Shore (hey, have to have some high RPI teams in there) and there's also an exhibition against Bowie State at home on the 6th.


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