Friday, February 18, 2011

Athletic director Kvancz announces retirement, GW announces review of athletics

Big news for GW, longtime athletic director Jack Kvancz has announced his retirement, which will be in June 2011. At the same time, GW has commissioned an evaluation of the athletics program chaired by Yankees president, GW alum and Board of Trustees member Randy Levine.

While Kvancz has done a good job, getting GW basketball to great heights, I agree with most of the GWHoops crowd in saying that it was time. I'm looking forward to somebody with more energy and drive to improve the program, which I felt Kvancz lacked sometimes.

I'm hopeful but cautious of the review -- after all, President Knapp came from Johns Hopkins, a mostly non-Division 1 school, although their lacrosse team is Division 1 and one of the best in the country. Levine, however, you'd assume is a big sports fan.

I hope they don't recommend that GW focus less on athletics or basketball.

Here's GW's press release.

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