Monday, January 3, 2011

Random thoughts about Burr Gymnasium and the Howard game

This was my first away game in a long time, not counting the BB&T or NCAAs. I saw GW at American a couple times (including a loss when AU was bad, a short dude hit a ton of 3s and we refused to cover him -- sounds familiar) plus a win at Towson.

First off, Burr Gym is small. There's only one tier of about 12 rows of seats and nobody was there. Maybe 150 people total. It was also free -- we walked in, and there wasn't a ticket booth. We walked around a bit and didn't see any, so we just went in and sat down. Everybody else did the same apparently. Kind of weird they don't charge something. I'd have paid $10-$15 or so, GW prices.

It was also a good 85 degrees in there, maybe more.

There was a DJ during the breaks in the action, which was cool, though sometimes there'd be really loud static when the music started or stopped. I don't know if the school band usually plays and this was a temporary thing since school is out or if they always have a DJ. But he played some pretty good stuff, like "Atomic Dog" by Parliament and/or Funkadelic.

The small crowd made it an interesting game, as you could hear everything -- Hobbs' advice to players, their own talking and play calling, fans yelling at the refs, and more. You're also really close the action, there's not much space from the court to the seats like at the Smith Center. This made for some funny moments, like when Hobbs begged Mikic to take a shot fake, and if he did that one time he could shoot as often as he wanted. At one point Pellom (I think) let out a loud groan after he missed a free throw too.

There were about 30-40 GW people there, and we were much louder than any Howard fans. There seemed to be very few, most of the people just seemed like passive observers or were kids teams that brought those inflatable noise-makers you hit together. Random.

All in all, a fun time. I should go to more road games.

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