Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nice article about DC Mayor Vincent Gray's time at GW: prez of a Jewish frat!

At yesterday's win over La Salle (more on that later) new DC mayor Vince Gray (class of '64) was honored at midcourt, where he was surprised by some of his fraternity brothers, including Garry Lyle, who was the quarterback of GW's football team and later played for the Bears.(GW had football until 1966.)

The story gets more interesting though, and there's a Post article about it. Gray was the head of Tau Epsilon Phi, a Jewish frat, and his frat had an awesome intramural (and integrated) basketball team. Of course, Gray is African-American and not Jewish. He was also the first African-American member of a GW frat.

At that time, the varsity basketball team wasn't integrated (the football team was) so Gray, who was apparently scouted by pro teams, couldn't play for them.

The team played at the old Tin Tabernacle gym, which used to be located on the quad, and when Gray and his frat brothers were announced at the game there was a cool graphic on the Jumbotron that had the gym and said "Tin Tabernacle All-Stars" on it (which would make an awesome t-shirt, by the way).

Very cool that the University put this all together.

But don't take my word for it. Read yourself.

At right is a picture of the Vince Gray in younger days and the Tin Tabernacle in 1965. The gym is the white building, and behind it, I believe, is Stockton Hall, the law school building.

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